cost-effective airtime solutions

We specialise in delivering reliable, resilient and cost-effective global coverage and connectivity. Our flexible multi-carrier international coverage delivers seamless API integration, making connections to more than 1 million subscribers every day.

ready for the future

We are constantly evolving our technology working with MNO’s and the GSM association. Future proofing the technology we use and support, seeking to influence trade associations.  With the end of traditional technologies like CSD and 2G we are pioneering developments of the latest technology including LTE-M and NB-IoT supporting 2G fall back for today’s current network.

driving business
messages per day
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Global Network
typical cost saving
Tier 1
tier 1 partner to major networks

benefits and value

  • small data size
  • autonomously move to cheapest data plan
  • global coverage with high connectivity
  • consolidated coverage with high connectivity
  • consolidated and flexible billing to reduce administrative costs
  • increase security by measuring data down to the byte level

delivered as a standalone or as IaaS

Whether you require a single SIM, modem or a full end to end IoT solution, ASL are here to ensure you achieve your goals.

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