data infrastructure

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secure and robust IoT data infrastructure

All IoT applications need to sit on top of a robust and secure data infrastructure. As for usage lifts, having technology that is ready to scale is essential to growth plans.

Available as IaaS or within a full IoT solution, our data infrastructure provides flexibility so that you can specify the frequency of connections to minimise connectivity costs. You can choose the data format or formats used to work with legacy or new assets concurrently. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the accuracy of the data being transferred can be guaranteed for auditing and regulation purposes which is why ASL is the first choice of the UK’s utility forms for smart metering and supports critical sub-metering applications in the private and public sector.

ASL’s private APN technology is used by all of our IoT solutions and is managed through the eVe platform providing dedicated connectivity for your applications.

how the eVe platform works
launch video

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benefits and value

  • Private APN for robust security
  • Cost-effective data transfer
  • Ready to scale architecture
  • Available as Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)
  • Full visibility through dashboards and APIs via eVe platform
  • Peace of mind

delivered as a standalone or as IaaS

Whether you require a single SIM, modem or a full end to end IoT solution, ASL are here to ensure you achieve your goals.

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