Satellite Broadband Data Service

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Satellite broadband data services offer global data connectivity via different satellite service vendors.

ASL offer a range of connectivity services. These include mobile data, business broadband services and full turnkey satellite broadband data service.  We can supply all of the required hardware, installation and commissioning as part of our solution bundles. Our qualified installation partners will carry out all necessary site work and ensure any deployment is quick and simple. The data service can be tailored to suit your business application and our technical staff is always available to discuss your requirements.

Satellite broadband has ultra-high availability when line of sight exists between the terminal and the satellite. Therefore, this type of service is ideal for reaching remote locations. The service also utilises the higher frequency Ka-Band which translates to higher data rates, greater throughput, smaller antennas and cheaper equipment.

ASL’s standard satellite broadband data service cover Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.  The service is underpinned by dual redundant gateway earth stations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with extensive international fibre ring to ensure resilience and security. Furthermore, we can arrange service coverage beyond these geographies.

Our customer support team will always at hand to provide technical support. ASL will work deliver the best possible user experience when respond to your needs.

Satellite Service Highlights
Customer Support
2 per region
Gateway Earth Stations
Service Availability
Standard Bundles

Service Features…

  • Cost-effective connectivity options
  • Proactive UK technical support
  • Security as standard
  • Rapid solution deployment
  • High service reliability
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Consolidated connection accounting
  • Flexible billing
  • Comprehensive service support packages
  • Standard and bespoke data rates
  • Bespoke service bundles
  • Dual redundant Gateway Earth Stations
  • Extensive coverage of Europe, West, Central and Sub-Saharan Africa

full turnkey solution bundles…

Whether you requirement is for a single site or a large estate across wide ranging and diverse locations, ASL can offer full turnkey satellite broadband bundles to suit your needs.


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