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bring complete smart building solutions to market

deploy intelligent solutions for building automation at the speed and scale demanded by the new normal in ASL’s white-label IoT eVe platform.

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rapid design of modem hardware & firmware

cost effective deployment model

quick time to market for visualisation of data

existing connectivity infrastructure ready to go

IoT solutions keep people and premises safe

Create a world of better management with low investment IoT solutions for smart buildings. Enable your clients to rapidly adapt to the “new normal” by keeping their buildings, and the people in them, safe.

ASL’s eVe is a complete platform to optimise design, operations and occupant experiences. It allows your clients to use real-time data to make informed decisions. And it does all this as a platform that can be white-labeled to protect your brand.

Build out your IoT solutions to keep people and premises safe. With ASL and the eVe platform you can offer real value to your clients with connectivity that is cost effective and efficient to deploy.

supporting every step of the way

ASL’s team will support migration from proof of concept to roll out in an embedded environment with a licence and royalty model (for Hardware and connectivity smarts).

Working with ASL means that you can leverage a multiskilled and versatile team of software, network and tech experts. We provide design, development, installation and support services to you and your clients.

workplace safety solutions that provide real-time insights

Smart sensor technology helps to ensure the safety of worksites and employees. Data is available in real time to track temperature, occupancy and social distancing. Cleaning efforts are directed where they are needed most with automated alerts. Humidity, light and air quality are adjusted centrally to optimise the ambient working environment.

All this can be achieved from eVe – a central platform which provides a single pane view of a building’s environment and utilisation.

quickly deploy intelligent solutions for building automation

back to work solutions

As staff return to work, ASL’s eVe platform helps employers meet their obligations to keep their staff safe and productive in new working environments. Real time data helps optimise real estate utilisation, maintenance, cleaning and sanitising.

smart washrooms

Viruses and bacteria can be slowed down with good hygiene but cleaning premises is labour intensive – needing supplies and changing maintenance schedules based on usage. ASL’s eVe platform provides real time information to optimise every cleaning operation.

smart hospitals

Digital transformation is revolutionising hospitals, creating smart hospitals that deliver high levels of patient care balanced with the need to operate as efficiently and sustainably as possible. ASL’s eVe platform monitors patient services and operational processes to react quickly and implement capabilities as efficiently as possible.

ASL enables you to build a proof of concept to work with your premises.

Rapidly prototype and deploy intelligent solutions for building automation with complete IoT connectivity through a combination of:





expertise & consultancy

ASL’s eVe platform – the solution for rapid prototyping with ready to scale IoT connectivity

All ASL’s technology is underpinned by our Everything Everywhere (eVe) IoT platform which can be used by partners, customers and system integrators to achieve their business outcomes with IoT.

Get your first prototype up and running in no time with our easy-to-use hardware development kits and the eVe platform.

eVe works as a visualisation platform for analytics, command and control and requires no specialist coding knowledge to use.

It powers all our IoT solutions and through white-label agreements, supports those of our system integrator partners. ASL offers the most rapid and cost-effective IoT prototyping possible with eVe.

trust ASL – an experienced, proven solutions provider

Part of FTSE100 Halma Plc, ASL’s technology delivers complete IoT connectivity for the global utility and commercial sectors.

One of the IoT industry’s early pioneers, today, ASL manages over 1m IoT devices and over 40m messages daily to help businesses get near 100% connectivity in our chosen markets.

We do this by managing the entire data journey spanning hardware, connectivity, data and visualisation providing ready-to scale IoT solutions built on our Everything Everywhere (eVe) IoT platform. As a device manufacturer, a network provider, a platform owner and an application developer, we have been designing, building and deploying cost-effective IoT solutions since 2003, all from our UK HQ.

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