The ASL IoT Developer Kit

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an easy to use, turnkey complete IoT developer kit for rapid connection to your sensors

We understand the unprecedented pressure our customers are under to keep pace with innovation in IoT devices, while also increasing the speed at which they deliver their technology to OEM or other manufacturing partners.

That’s why we designed and built an IoT Developer Kit that’s plug and play straight from the box.

The IoT Developer Kit is everything you need in one box to embed IoT functionality into your device – regardless of what that device might be. Easily integrate it to achieve immediate connectivity and gain fast access to the data transmitted, within days.

what's included

500MB of data for global connectivity
Pre-loaded SDKs on compact modem
Ready to connect to software platform for data visualisation

a simple, single solution for your IoT needs

A one-stop-shop for IoT connectivity, the developer kit comes with a GSM modem with pre-loaded SDK for all major sensors to ensure it works with any type of device our customers are currently developing. It includes 500MB of data, which is valid for 10 years of bundled AirTime, ready for use with all major global carriers.

Alongside the connectivity, the IoT developer kit also delivers access to our SaaS eVe platform for cost-effective airtime management, rapid deployment and easy visualisation of the communicated data.

We’ve spent time creating our IoT Developer Kit so that you don’t have to.

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why get an ASL IoT Developer Kit

With more than 1 million units operating within our infrastructure, ASL is the expert when it comes to IoT connectivity and management. We have been providing on-demand, specialist advice based on over 20 years of IoT solution development experience and long-term tier 1 partnerships with global carriers including being an accredited O2 partner.

Get support from IoT experts.

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innovate at pace

Test prototype devices quickly, boosting time to market, but also allows them to design and construct new, innovative devices. By taking the hassle out of the IoT element of your design, you can focus on other aspects, such as size, fit and functionality.

have confidence in your device

Our IoT Developer Kit comes with exceptional standards of security and reliability. Our kits work with our private APN as standard so that the connectivity of your device can enjoy 99.95% uptime guaranteed.

scale your prototypes and accelerate time to market

Our IoT Developer Kit is ready to go so it helps you develop and design your devices more quickly. This not only delivers competitive advantage – ensuring you are first to market with your device with rapid prototype design.

cost-effective and revenue-driving

As a leading supplier of communications devices, connectivity and airtime, we have the economies of scale to ensure our IoT Developer Kits are ready to scale by offering cost-savings of typically between 40-60% on airtime.

benefits and value

  • everything you need to embed IoT into your device, all in one kit to accelerate product development
  • backed by ASL, the IoT expert, with more than 20 years’ experience and 1 million connected devices
  • ready to scale for prototype development, with air-time savings of between 40-60%
  • security and reliability built-in, including over 99.95% up-time guaranteed, so you have confidence in your device.

be one of the first to join ASL’s IoT Developer Program
first 50 IoT Kits free*

In 2020, ASL will launch our IoT Developer program, providing the tools, advice and expertise for CEM engineers to successful build in IoT into their product development projects. To launch the program, the first 50 CEMS* to register will be sent ASL’s IoT Developer kit, for free, to get a head start.

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