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ASL gives Logicor Energy full visibility of metering network

“Without eVe energy we would have had to scale back our growth plans.”
Farouk Alhassan, Director, Logicor Energy
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Logicor Energy is a next generation domestic and business energy supplier of ethical energy across the UK. Its mission is simple – to help its customers lead a more sustainable lifestyle while saving them time and money.

With a range of innovative energy products and services, including the world’s first Carbon Intensity Tariff, Logicor Energy describes itself as a disrupter to the energy market and has a clear vision to make sustainable energy ‘the norm, not the exception’.

The Challenge: Metering management

Like all energy suppliers, Logicor has an obligation to submit accurate data readings to Elexon, the UK’s governing body for energy balancing & settlement. However, as an emergent technology-lead player with ambitious growth plans, Logicor Energy wanted a metering agent that not only offered a reliable, accurate and cost-effective way to manage its metering data, but one that it could grow with.

“We were fundamentally changing and entering a market we were not very familiar with, and we were also trying to survive in the worst energy crisis on the planet; so, choosing the right metering agent was vital,” says Farouk Alhassan, Logicor Energy Director .

The Solution: a Fresh approach

After reviewing multiple options, Logicor was immediately struck by ASL’s fresh approach to managing the entire metering data journey from end-to-end through its eVe energy solution.

Purpose built for energy suppliers, eVe energy is an energy management system combining mandatory half hourly data collection (HHDC) and data aggregation (HHDA) services with an analytics platform to mitigate settlement performance issues, lift meter operator performance and minimise imbalance charges in the UK market.

For Farouk, what has greatly impressed has been the collaborative approach ASL has taken to working with Logicor.

“It is a true partnership. From the get-go, ASL has taken the time to explain issues to us and help us learn how to fix them. At the start there were about 50 issues across our metering network and with ASL’s support, we were able to rectify those within a fortnight.”

The Impact: True visibility and more than metering – an end-to-end solution.

With connectivity data for over 70% of the UK market, eVe energy provides accurate, up-to-date data, enabling Logicor to work smarter and more efficiently.

“The custom dashboard gives us full visibility of our metering setup and we can monitor performance to make sure our settlements are correct, and everything is working as it should,” says Logicor’s Operations Director Bijay Thapa.

With visibility of the whole network, Logicor can implement better maintenance scheduling and minimise imbalance issues. It’s also created peace of mind that Logicor can forge ahead with its growth plans.

“The connectivity insights and stableness of the platform mean we can increase our customer-base knowing we are fully supported by a solution that can scale with us as we grow,” adds Bijay.

Ultimately, eVe energy has enabled Logicor to easily and seamlessly track, manage and visualise its whole metering data journey with end-to-end analytics for the half hourly energy market.

“Without eVe energy we would have had to scale back our growth plans to work with what existed from other providers,” says Farouk.  “Put simply, we would be flying blind and not have visibility into the key data that drives our energy-as-a-service offering.”