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ASL delivers savings of over £450,000 to airlines per year.

“We are proud of the work we do with businesses like Heathrow, to achieve better economics and in turn deliver greater value to their customers ”
Allan Sydney, CTO at ASL
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Heathrow a major international airport based in London is Europe’s busiest airport with over 80 million passengers per annum flying on multiple airlines year-round.

When an aeroplane lands at an airport it is connected to electrical power from the airport to minimize engine use. In the past airlines were invoiced by time on-stand which meant that the charges given to each airline may not accurately reflect the amount of electricity used.  Instead, they were given an arbitrary figure that could be a higher cost than the amount of electricity they used. Due to this, many airlines were running below optimum efficiency.  Therefore, Heathrow and ASL partnered together to provide as near as possible real-time electricity usage metering.


ASL partnered with Heathrow to provide near real-time electricity usage metering in an end-to-end LTE-M solution providing energy readings on a recurring 5-minute basis. Through the eVe platform, the Heathrow team has full visibility of electricity consumption data readings by each aircraft via their management platform.

This allowed Heathrow to accurately measure the amount of electricity each airline used at their stand. The solution enabled Heathrow to charge each individual airlines the correct amount of electricity used which they were unable to do before. Further, Heathrow has full visibility of near real-time data readings of the electricity consumption by each aircraft on to their management platform.


ASL’s solution enabled Heathrow to accurately cross-charge electricity usage to the correct airline, avoiding the errors formerly produced by the estimation previous method based on an aircraft’s time at the stand. Due to this, it is estimated by Heathrow that ASL’s solution has helped airlines benefit from accurate electricity readings of consumption which has cut the annual £9m charge by 5%, saving airlines approximately £450,000 a year. Further, the work done with Heathrow was highly commended in the Best Enterprise Mobile/Mobile Data Solution category at the 2015 Comms National Award.

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