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“We combine IoT expertise and market leading technology to make a real difference to people’s lives with OnSite.”
Rob Kitchen, Managing Director of ASL
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OnSite is one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist contracting services to the industrial sector. They have proven track record in the successful delivery of projects and contracts across a variety of sectors within some of the most demanding industrial environments. OnSite deliver UK and international, committing themselves to exceeding industry standards in a cost-effective way.



The Challenge

To ensure sewer systems are operating effectively, OnSite carry out flow surveys within their networks. This indicates how the sewer is performing and how it copes with added water from rainfall. During any flow survey, OnSite will record the amount of rainwater that is delivered into the sewer system using rain gauges, in particular tipping bucket rain gauges. This method works by recording the number of times the tipping bucket tips when collecting rainwater. The amount of rainfall during a specific event is calculated by the tipping mechanism capacity multiplied by the number of tips.

The challenge for OnSite is to get a reliable signal from any monitoring equipment. Installation environments for waste water are extremely hazardous, with explosive and contamination risks. As a result, minimising visits to sites is very valuable.

The Solution

ASL addressed this problem through its data delivery expertise, which identified which network has the strongest signal within the area. This ensured the site data was delivered each time it dialled into the network, reducing costly maintenance visits to site.


There were many benefits to automatically uploading data to a central server for OnSite and their customers. It was more cost-effective for OnSite, as it reduced the regular site visits for manual data downloads and enabled remote access to their data.

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