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Repowering London saved Banister House £20,000 in energy costs with ASL

“ASL’s customer service and delivery of the product has always been very professional.”
Felix Wright, Technical Director
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Repowering London is a social enterprise that specialises in working with community groups and local authorities on renewable energy projects, offering guidance and project management services. Their mission is to create empowered communities that control and own the generation and usage of renewable energy.

The Project

In 2015, Repowering London developed a project alongside Hackney Energy and residents of the Banister House Estate to make Banister House a solar energy social housing area. 100kw capacity of solar panels were installed across 13 buildings, making it one of Repowering London’s largest projects to date.

Repowering London’s aim was to enable an empowered, almost self-sustaining community where residents incorporated new information technologies and local renewable energy sources to lower energy bills. Due to previous collaborations with ASL on two other projects, Brixton Energy and Roupell Park, they came to ASL for assistance regarding meters and connectivity.

The Solution

ASL provided Repowering London with ASL’s network intelligent modem that communicates through GSM/GPRS. The modem collects data on solar generation and electricity usage every day that is used onsite and not exported back to the grid. This has informed Repowering London on how much to bill the landlord at Banister House and helped Repowering London’s financial model since a large amount of income is due to the solar electricity being sold back to the landlord, Hackney Council.

Furthermore, the simplicity of ASL’s collection method was praised by Felix Wight, the Technical Director at Repowering London. He said it has made it easier for them to “monitor the performance of the system and help keep track of their multiple projects”. This is due to ASL’s modem utilising a bespoke telemetry protocol (ATP) which provides efficient connectivity between the modem and the hosted gateway, ensuring Repowering London with maximum uptime, reduced data usage and high availability.

Moreover, Repowering London wished to build a bespoke portal to analyse their data instead of using ASL’s standard web-based portal. Therefore, ASL set up file access in order to send Repowering London the raw data files to pass into their own specialised portal. Data is integrated via our eVe platform into Repowering London’s web-based portal.

Felix Wight stated that “working with ASL’s technical team to create their bespoke access has been really helpful and has reduced our costs”.