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ASL supports the North West region to manage their traffic light network.

“We pride ourselves in providing our clients with innovative, high value and cost-effective solutions.”
Craig Fricker, Business Development Manager at ASL
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ASL are working with major highways infrastructure organisation and UK county council to help communities in the North West manage their traffic light network within their region. In order to manage this job, ASL and the major highways infrastructure organisation have used a combination of hardware, software application and providers.

The major highways infrastructure organisation was deploying two different types of connectivity hardware. An ADSL router, which required an Ethernet connection to provide open internet. That meant the cloud-based hosting centre had to setup a separate VPN connection to each router deployed, which was both time consuming and expensive. In addition, the other hardware supplied was a GSM router which was used mobile data to establish a fixed line to a telecommunications service. However, the incumbent SIM provider was unable to secure this connection from the GSM router to the telecommunications provider.

The major highways infrastructure organisation predicament was further complicated by the incumbent SIM Provider being unable to facilitate their requirement of having fixed IP addresses. The major highway infrastructure organisation reached out to ASL for a better and more cost-effective solution.


ASL overcame the challenge by providing the major highways infrastructure organisation with an ASL UK roaming SIM to go into their ADSL/GSM router which will then be deployed at the chosen location.

When deployed all the traffic will be routed via ASL’s core network and cloud-enabled private APN. Once the traffic is in ASL’s network it can then be securely routed to the major highways’ infrastructure organisation’s own cloud-based hosting centre utilising just a single VPN connection. This is significantly more cost effective for the major highways’ infrastructure organisation who previously had to set up and maintain a VPN to every router being used.

The major highways’ infrastructure organisation has unfettered access to the SIM estate via ASL’s visualisation portal, where they can monitor their data usage and connectivity via dashboards. Their data set is easily accessed and available in raw format or via a dashboard.



ASL’s solution has enabled the major highways’ infrastructure organisation to minimise their capital expenditure, establish a simpler and more secure delivery process, delivering the connectivity required between the deployed asset and the hosted cloud service platform. Rob Kitchen, Managing Director at ASL stated that “Working on projects of this prestige has been rewarding for ASL. We create real value for our clients by providing our IoT connected solutions and are especially motivated by projects that deliver benefits to communities.”

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