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Wanhua Chemical ensures employee safety and minimises water usage with ASL.

“Here at ASL, we understand connectivity is vital, which is why we ensure all our clients have maximum uptime”
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The Challenge

Wanhua Chemical are an innovative, world-class chemical company with an annual turnover of $60 billion. They are a global leader in polyurethanes as well as the world’s largest manufacturer of Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate. With core values of innovation, responsible care and sustainable development, Wanhua Chemical is dedicated to excellence.

Wanhua Chemical required a bespoke solution for both pressure and leak noise monitoring for their water network. Wanhua Chemical had a unique set of requirements, requiring accurate monitoring of both the pressure within their water network and leak noise to identify leaking pipes.

The Solution

Alongside ASL sister company and fellow Halma business, our technology wrapped around HWM’s products connecting the Multilog LX2 device with a Hydrophone sensor (for pressure and leak noise monitoring) to provide an IoT solution connected via ASL’s eVe platform.

The Hydrophone monitors both pressure and leak noise, whilst the Multilog LX2 device is used to record data. ASL assisted HWM, providing them with roaming SIMs to go into the Multilog LX2 which uses both 3G and GPRS transmission to deliver Wanhua Chemical with the recorded information. This ensures maximum uptime, reduced data usage and high availability.


Wanhua Chemical were the first to use the Hydrophone and Multilog LX2 to monitor both pressure and leak noise with great accomplishment. Successfully installing 42 loggers enabled Wanhua Chemical to monitor their water network at their sites, promoting safety and minimising water usage. With ongoing support from ASL, Wanhua Chemical can effectively monitor their water network with ASL’s excellent Chinese network coverage.

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