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Through partnerships with systems integrators and our clients, ASL’s eVe platform powers applications including smart cities, asset tracking, smart energy metering, solar PV, health, usage monitoring, retail services, and security in the global utility and commercial sectors.

Smart Buildings


Smart buildings control their operations using automated processes. Sensors detect changes in situations and trigger an action which can span heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and other systems. Building owners lift efficiency, save costs and improve green credentials all by using ASL’s IoT solutions.


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Smart Cities


Across the world, IoT technology is being used in smart cities to manage the municipal services of an area.  ASL’s IoT solutions monitor citizens, devices, buildings and assets, and a smart city uses this information to operate traffic, power plants, utilities, public services and more so that public services are provided in the greenest and most efficient way possible. 


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Smart Metering


Recording energy usage, smart meters provide visibility for consumers (commercial and consumer), and greater clarity for electricity suppliers to support more efficient billing. ASL’s IoT solutions have been at the heart of the smart metering industry since the start.


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Sub Metering


Utility sub-metering supports landlords of multi-tenant properties or sites to measure, share and bill individual tenants based on usage. With many customers in shopping centres, larger shared occupancy commercial buildings and housing estates, ASL’s IoT technology is one of the most established sub-metering solutions available today.


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Solar Power Metering


Solar panels generate power which if not used by a location can be sold back to the grid. A growing source of clean energy, solar power is increasing in use across the world. To do this, accurate energy use needs recording and managing with IoT solutions to provide reporting and visualisation on energy creation.


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Process Safety


Monitoring industrial processes keeps people and places safe. ASL’s IoT solutions are in place around the world in industries such as wastewater, manufacturing, petro-chemical and more to provide 24/7 monitoring and replace the need for people to enter hazardous situations unnecessarily.


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Environmental Safety


Environment changes can cause disruption such as a build-up of flammable gas, large amounts of rainfall or pressures within supply pipes. ASL’s IoT technology monitors the effectiveness of remote locations to keep them safe and trigger corrective measures if tolerances are exceeded before problems arise.


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Asset Management


ASL’s IoT solutions monitor devices in the field so that they can be tracked and remotely managed. As the use of IoT sensors increases, so does the sophistication needed to manage a fleet, including maintaining it without disruption to the processes that they monitor.


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