In partnership with Bell International, ASL has launched smart workplace solutions to keep patients and workers safe

26 April 2021

ASL’s eVe platform provides a single pane view of your building’s environment and utilisation so you can increase building efficiency and employee productivity. Fully scalable, it connects to all of your building’s smart devices to provide data driven process optimisation.

Solutions include:

ASL back to work solutions
As staff return to work, ASL’s eVe platform helps employers meet their obligations to keep their staff safe and productive in new working environments.

ASL smart washroom solutions
Viruses and bacteria can be slowed down with good hygiene but cleaning your premises is labour intensive needing supplies and changing maintenance schedules based on usage.

ASL’s eVe platform provides real time information to optimise every cleaning operation.

ASL smart hospital solutions
Digital transformation is revolutionising hospitals, creating smart hospitals that deliver high levels of patient care balanced with the need to operate as efficiently and sustainably as possible. ASL’s eVe platform monitors patient services and operational processes to react quickly and implement capabilities as efficiently as possible.

To find out more, please contact:

Paul Evans, Strategic Business Consultant

[email protected]

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