Is your IoT device going to be talking to world past 2025?

5 August 2020


The impending sunset of 2G technology means your 2G IoT devices will not work post 2025.

Do you use 2G devices in your IoT infrastructure? Although perfect for low cost, easy integration and managed connectivity, 2G will sunset in 2025 and all your devices that rely on it will need replacing.

ASL’s Chief Technology Officer, Allan Sydney, explains more in our downloadable executive briefing that includes:

  • Future connectivity options, such as LTE and CAT NB1
  • Finding the right connectivity for the right applications
  • Learn how npower are overcoming this problem
  • Review ASL’s cost effective modem solutions, available today, that will last beyond 2025

Discover how your business can remain connected for years to come by future-proofing your IoT infrastructure.

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