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problems we solve

rapid innovation, no hassle implementation

avoiding costly unanticipated downtime

connectivity that works out of the box

Money-saving network protocols, enhanced security, and SIM cards are all part of the service from ASL.

Don’t waste your money and time building your own network stack. Communication protocols and encryption come on all  ASL devices, providing direct access to our eVe platform. If you’re building a cellular product, we provide SIM cards and data plans; with no messy carrier negotiations required!

We have got you covered with:

  • resilient data centres
  • industry leading uptimes
  • multi-vendor global SIMs
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getting the most cost-effective airtime

delivering only the data you need

Get online and stay online, with no need to worry about legacy protocols. All of ASL’s devices guarantee the most cost-effective use of data; legacy protocols are simply and effectively transferred to mobile preferred options.

ASL smarts cut data costs by an average of 30% and secures top priority on the network.

By not being held captive to a single network operator we will deliver you the best data bundle for your application.


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using the most secure network possible

keeping you and your clients safe

In numerous applications, key data from IoT assets are transferred across the internet without any security. This simply cannot happen using ASL’s private APN (Access Point Name) and eVe platform.

delivering remote management on all your devices

effective remote management

Every device from ASL connects to our eVe platform, which is a secure, scalable and highly reliable gateway between your assets and the web.

This puts you in control; managing your devices through secure API’s.

Devices can be reprogrammed over the air, through our fully featured eVe platform. This allows for ease of maintenance and longevity of products, by updating new software over the air.

achieving rapid development

making secure connectivity simple

Everything you need to power your IoT product, from a physical device to the cloud.

Our hardware and consultancy services bring your devices to life. IoT products start with getting your device online. ASL makes this easy because all the hardware we design is based on experience of working in IoT since the industry’s inception to get you connected in minutes.

All ASL’s technology is powered by our eVe platform which can be used by partners, customers and system integrators to achieve their business outcomes with IoT.

Get your first prototype up and running in minutes with our easy-to-use, affordable hardware development kits and our eVe platform.

When you’re ready to scale up, ASL are ready to support you with our industrial-grade connectivity modules are secure, reliable, and fully certified.

monitoring and reporting on data

get the real insights you need

ASL’s eVe platform analytics module transforms your data into rich visuals helping you to arrive at the right decisions faster and with confidence.

  • API
  • more data feeds
  • alerting and monitoring
  • interrogate the data
  • direct access to your assets so you can read your meter live anytime anywhere
  • local data processing to prevent unnecessary data being sent over the air
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leveraging IoT for a competitive advantage

monetising your estate

ASL has more than 1 million units operating within our infrastructure. This experience allows us to offer a full turnkey solution; from connecting your assets to digital infrastructure and portal design.

ASL gives you a robust and reliable infrastructure to build and manage your IoT estate. This is built to scale, working with you from your first prototype to your millionth unit shipped. Save time to market by integrating our hardware and software into your solution.

  • cost-effective
  • keeping people safe
  • adding value to customers
  • easy access to information
  • efficient in operations and purposes
  • using IoT in your business first gives you a competitive advantage
  • we can support you on every step of your journey and every step in between