Press release ASL01-15(UK)

15 February 2015

ASL joins Telefónica’s m2m Global Partner Programme

Programme focuses on “key players in the M2M value chain”

M2M communications provider ASL has joined Telefónica’s m2m Global Partner Programme.
In creating the programme, Telefónica wished to partner with “the key players in the M2M value chain”. As a Master Certified Device Partner, ASL provides end-to-end solutions to final users while benefiting from a tight business and technological integration with the telecoms giant.

M2M communications technology can used to improve efficiency in many applications, from utilities, oil and gas, agriculture and manufacturing, to health and care management, transport, logistics, infrastructure, retail and vending.

Bill Berry, ASL managing director, commented:

For more than 12 years the partnership between Telefónica and ASL has delivered customised M2M services to this ever-expanding worldwide market sector. Our appointment as a Master Certified Device Partner in Telefónica’s Global Partner Programme not only underlines the strength of our relationship, it confirms ASL as a key player in the M2M value chain. ASL can help Telefónica’s customers take advantage of the fast-moving M2M space, allowing them to differentiate their business, increase their value proposition and lead their respective markets through the introduction of innovative and cost-effective M2M products and services.

The programme allows ASL to offer five main advantages to its customers:

  • Pricing centre – customers can access the latest version of Telefónica’s global price list and discover which operators and prices are available in each zone and for each type of service. Customers can also create simulation scenarios, configure the most appropriate plan and then pass it to ASL using the deal management tool.
  • Deal management – managing deals can become challenging, especially when different configurations, programmes and promotions are in effect. By registering their deals in the partner portal and sending them to ASL, customers can ensure they won’t miss out on additional programmes or promotions.
  • Coverage map – the partner portal offers a complete coverage map that allows customers to gauge the quality of coverage in their intended area of deployment.
  • Online ordering – customers ordering their SIM via the dedicated online tool can be confident that all of the required configuration aspects are correct and that proper service activation will take place.
  • Service management – As M2M services become increasingly dynamic, customers need to adapt to new requirements regarding rate plans, communications plans and APN configuration. By automating these tasks, Telefónica promises to shorten provisioning time and reduce human errors.

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